Zen –  The Concept:

Zen, a Japanese term finds its root in the Vedic term “Dhyana“, meaning “Meditation“. Zen is a way of creative living, a philosophy of dynamic action and a highway to bliss, knowledge and ecstasy. In this contemporary world, Zen has been synonymous with everything that is Novel, Fresh, Full of life, Creative, Simple and Sophisticated. Today’s management, leadership and business philosophy is replete with the concepts of quality and innovation derived from Zen.

Zen –  The Company:

Relentless pursuit for excellence, a maniac obsession for quality, wildly imaginative creativity and mind boggling innovation: these are the keywords that shape up our block-buster magical products. Customer joy, delight and satisfaction are the true rewards we are aiming for.

Digital Applications:

Zen, a brand that carries decades of exhaustive experience in the field of Educational Research have introduced a plethora of products and services including high-end 3D Animation based Digital Application Based Education for academic study. Our apps are being released for all platforms: Android, iOS, Web Apps – you name it.

Hot Model Papers

Cover 80% to 90% of the most expected questions prepared by highly experienced exam paper setters and eminent state resource persons for your 2018 exams. Zen Hot Model Papers are designed with utmost care and intensive research as per the approved Syllabus, Blue print and Question Paper Design. Order now!

Books and Publishing:

Zen books, the marrow of our venture have enthralled the learning and teaching community for a decade now. Today, Zen books have become synonymous with academic excellence and is a sought out brand by the secondary and higher secondary students. Order now!

Announcement: Jobs / Careers@Zen

While creating world class, innovative and quality education products using the latest of the technologies remains a tremendous challenge, we at Zen are always striving to re-define the term ‘top quality’. And hence, we are always on the lookout for the right people who could help us in our endeavour. We are currently looking to hire:

  • Subject Matter Experts: Physics | Chemistry | Mathematics | Biology

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